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  • Owner:
    Mr. Shun Ohyabu
    • Carried out over 70 engagements as an IBM Consulting Partner
    • Supported Panasonic global project over 11 years
    • Established independent consulting firm from 2012

Holding two seminars every year - Doing project successfully

  • The 22nd term:
    is going to start October 2023, please apply by e-mail.
    • Each term holds five days workshops during five months.
    • Brochure : about_seminar
  • You will learn and experience:
    • (1) Facilitation : how to conduct productive planning sessions?
    • (2) Problem Solving : how to solve problems among conflict departments with feasible plan?
    • (3) Consulting Process - hypothesis based planning method and vision making with good DX reference cases
    • (4) Change Management - six important conditions to make big transformation changes successfully?
    • (5) Differences between Japan and western business cultures" and experience "negotiation technique"
  • Who should attend?:
    Project managers, project team leader candidates, and those who want to expand the ring of exchange
  • Venue:
    you can attend through web (zoom), or on-site at Kyoto Shijo Karasuma, Cocon Karasuma bldg, 4th Floor: Citylabo, seminar room
  • Fee:
    50,000 yen per person for five seminars, exluding tax
  • Instructor:
    Mr. Shun Ohyabu, Able Consulting
    • Carried out over 70 engagements as an IBM Consulting Partner
    • Supported Panasonic global project over 11 years
    • Established independent consulting firm from 2012, to support manufacturing industry clients

Expertise areas

  • Value sharing with foreign subsidiaries Strong needs to initiate code unification project immediately among foreign subsidiaries which has been Merged or Acquired.
  • Accelerate project outcomesResolve bad project situations such as, project purposes are not shared although project has been kicked off several months ago.
  • Acting on behalf of the project leader If you do not have sufficient skilled person to lead the project immediately. If you need to negotiate all relevant key managers to support this project, he is the answer.
  • Solve organization conflictsIf you are difficult to solve conflicts among multiple divisions such as manufacturing, sales, distribution, product development etc.
  • Migrate IT system If you are facing difficulties to get business ownership in order to revise existing IT system

How does Mr. Ohyabu provide solutions?

  • Intensive decision making session Mr. Ohyabu has been carried more than 200 sessions, which consist of managers among divisions whose interests conflict. He had been received "excellent" evaluations.
  • Value share with top management of subsidiaries Initiate effective kick off session at foreign subsidiaries by having top managements, and motivate them how this project is important
  • Increase success possibilities Mr. Ohyabu experienced over 20 projects, of which he applied key six project success factors and successfully completed.
  • Workshop - Doing project successfully By applying past project experiences, Mr. Ohyabu is holding the workshop to foster project managers since 2012. Most of participants evaluated this workshop as "excellent".

Consulting is provided as an independent consultant, or as a partner of Ek, Co. Ltd.

Wanna contact?
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Customer voices


Satisfied on what Mr. Ohyabu


What were the pains, before asking consulting?

  • (a) There exist mid term strategy to achieve revenue growth, however we need to re-direct divisional vectors to increase feasibility
  • (a) Newly assigned president stated "Don't be afraid of mistakes, think from scratch and aim for a bright workplace", however the the field staffs are not used to.

Why did you choose external consultant, instead of internal staffs?

  • (a) We have tried to do by ourselves by selecting key persons from each division, we could not reach fast development of change leaders. That is why we decided to utilize external consultant's wide experiences, vision and knowledge.
  • (a) Mr. Ohyabu provided the way to achieve "think from scratch and don't be afraid of mistakes", and quick outcomes.
  • (b) By having external viewpoint, we must make our outcomes more objective.

Did you ever hesitate to use external consultant, such as Mr. Ohyabu? If yes, what was the reason?

  • (a) Since we had intensive management session for two days, Mr. Ohyabu has demonstrated his expertise to make issues into clear pictures. That's why we asked him to lead the project as well as organizing the project promotion organization for one year.
  • (b) No hesitation at all

What was the decisive factor to use Mr. Ohyabu?

  • (a) Although Mr. Ohyabu had experienced many projects and methodologies, I felt his consulting style to listen our voices and understand our daily operation manners. So, I was confident that his consulting style will match my company's needs, goal and our way of doing business. And the result was exactly what I have expected.
  • (b) I knew his consulting way during the KSN (Kyoto Shisaku Net) project. Also our project may needed to roll out to other KSN companies

How was the result?

  • (a) Major outcomes are; we could visualize issues in organized manners, we could develop key project leaders and we could change our way of working.
  • (a) Next year we could take an advanced step toward much strategic initiatives, since he made our issues clear.
  • (a) Suppose we have not use his consultancy, we had to invest huge amount of time and cost to develop people, organizing issues.
  • (b) I feel outcomes what Mr. Ohyabu has generated are over our expectations
  • (c) Mr. Ohyabu delivered high quality communication capabilities with foreign subsidiaries top managements. Thus, we could achieve the goal, which was to gain top management's buy-in of the project. Especially his session management capabilities to result clear conclusions.

Consulting accomplishments

  • Served as an instructor for Project Leading Skill education and exercises at Kyoto Women's University's recurrent education in Dec. 2022 (a place for women to understand their own characteristics and provide opportunities for re-learning in order to reintegrate into society)
  • Support CTO-type supply chain for an industrial machinery manufacturer in Kyoto. I also support medical equipment manufacturer to be independent in Osaka.
  • Intensive value sharing session in foreign subsidiaries During 2015 and 2018, Mr. Ohyabu successfully conducted three days value sharing sessions for one USA, second Europe manufacturing companies, having president and each functional managers attendance. All sessions were conducted in English.
  • Business process innovation consulting for those manufacturing industry clients in Kansai region of Japan. Omron, Muratec Machinery, Kyoto Shisaku Net, JOHNAN
  • Holding "Doing successful projects" seminars for those PM candidates in Kyoto large companies Currently holding 12th seminar, and total attendee reached 151 members out of 30 companies
    Major graduates : Omron, Horiba, Muratec Machinery, Yanmar, Kyoto Shinkin etc.
    Past seminar pics: here
  • PPS (Project Partner Service) business model establishment for KSN (Kyoto Shisaku Net). During 2013 and Oct. 2016, Mr. Ohyabu helped to establish virtual company which KSN member companies will act as an one team, to provide solution for complex requirements from large companies. http://www.kyoto-shisaku.com/pps/

If you are interested in
please contact via e-mail to Mr. Ohyabu

Professional experiences

  • 2023 Mar. onwards Move office to KRP (Kyoto Research Park) in order to prepare good seminar rooms
  • 2012年~now In order to practice long healthy life, I have started to collect useful information for me to excercise every day life.Healthy good life
  • 2022I have conducted two days workshops of "Project Leading Skills" at Kyoto Women's University's Recurrent Education. Recurrent means, a place to understand one's strength and provide opportunities for re-learning for women to return to society.
  • 2021I support the Supply Chain project to form CTO (configure to order) type manufacturing and procurement for industrial machinery manufacturer in Kyoto. In addition, I supported a project to make medical equipment business unit independent from manufacturing company in Osaka.
  • 2019- 2020Performing product modularization consulting for Kyoto Industrial Machinery company since May, 2019. as a "Modular Management" senior consultant
  • 2012- Now Mr. Ohyabu Launched Able consulting, individual consulting company in 2012. He has been serving manufacturing clients to solve business issues, expecially to make client's global reach as close as possible for those global locations.
    Since December 2012, he has been holding "Enhance Project Leading skills seminars" utilizing his consulting experiences into 5 project promotion subjects. A total of 300 people has been graduated.
  • 2009-2012 Apr. Worked for Panasonic Germany as an assistant PM to replace pan-European sales and distribution IT system into SAP based system. Has successfully went live for all Western and Eastern Europe subsidiaries
  • 1998-2007 Acted as Global Relationship Partner for global Panasonic group and carried variety of projects such as, global SCM, Product development process innovation, Integrated contact center, Global information security. etc
  • 1996-1998 Carried more than 50 consulting projects as an managing consultants to large companies in Kansai region in Japan.
  • 1994-1995 Acted as a consultant for IBM international marketing and sales process reengineering. Supported new process deployment to some Asian IBM locations
  • 1991-1993 International assignment in Houston Texas, for marketing and sales to JBC (Japan based companies) in Texas. Visited more than 200 JBCs,
  • 1977~1988 Supported Kyoto large manufacturing company's nationwide information system implementation, such as manufacturing, sales and distribution and product information system for 12 years